Regular Tickets

Regular Tickets

Regular Tickets - this is what we call the tickets that most travellers request. However, no ticket is truly "regular"; each one has its own specifics and options.

Standardly requested tickets include:

  1. One-way
  2. Round-trip
  3. Open jaw
  4. Double open jaw

ad1/ One-way tickets are straightforward in nature, defining the route from the departure to the arrival destination, and they can either stand alone or be part of a more complex itinerary. They are often not cost-effective with most traditional airlines.

ad2/ Round-trip tickets are the most common ticket type. Both legs of the journey (outbound and return flights) are connected and define the route from departure to destination and back.

ad3/ Open jaw tickets are a variation of round-trip tickets where either the departure or arrival destination differs, e.g., the route Prague - Miami - Bratislava, or the return destination differs from the departure, e.g., Prague - Barcelona xx Madrid Prague. Open jaw tickets allow travellers an efficient way to travel without having to return to the final (arrival) destination.

ad4/ Double open jaw is a variation of round-trip tickets where all destinations in the itinerary are different, yet the ticket is offered at a very good price. For example, Prague - Miami xx Orlando - Vienna.

Specific rules apply to the use of open jaw and double open jaw tickets, and they cannot be used for any combination of destinations.

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