How group tickets work and their advantages

Most airlines consider 10 or more people travelling together in the same direction as a group. Some airlines offer group fares for as few as 6 passengers. Group itineraries can be handled similarly to individual traveller itineraries. You can return from different destinations than the group's final destination, part of the group can travel there or back on different dates, and so on.

However, group reservations and prices are subject to specific rules, so group rates cannot be applied to all itineraries.

Advantages of group reservations

• Payment in instalments; you don't have to pay the full amount upfront when booking.

• Specific (discounted) structure of cancellation fees.

• Submission of passenger names typically required only one month before departure.

• Possibility to change names up to 2-3 days before departure.

• Possibility to add more seats under the same booking conditions.

• Checked baggage included in the price.

Pricing Policy for Group Reservations

The pricing offer depends on many parameters, and each airline determines its pricing system. Flight occupancy plays a significant role in the pricing of group tickets, as well as the general price strategy of airline companies. Thus, general rules for group fares cannot be defined easily.

In principle, group tickets are usually discounted compared to the STANDARD (non-discounted) ticket price for individual passengers. However, if there are special (discounted) rates available for individual customers, the individual ticket price may be lower than the group ticket price. This is because airlines cannot fill the majority of seats on the aircraft at a subload (discounted) fare but at an average fare. Also, if a flight is more heavily booked or expected to be full, the price will be higher.

How we find advantageous group fares

Compared to internet search engines, we are "living" flight search engines that consider many parameters and experiences that an internet search engine cannot offer. We are not only concerned with the price but also with ensuring that our clients "land safe," which is particularly important for groups.

For both individual and group ticket reservations, we use the Amadeus and Galileo reservation systems, which are directly connected to the current flight capacities of most airlines. This allows us to efficiently suggest travel solutions for groups and find connections with good flight occupancy, thus increasing the likelihood of a good price.

Risks of Individual Reservations for Groups

Most airlines do not require a group to be exclusively reserved under a group fare; they allow a larger number of passengers to reserve a larger number of seats, even in individual fare classes, provided that passenger names are submitted. However, reserving individual fare tickets for a group (e.g. 16 people in two separate reservations of 8 people each) can have its challenges. Situations may arise where:

1/ You purchase the first set of tickets at a lower price, but the price for the second reservation for the remaining passengers is significantly higher.

2/ In a worst-case scenario, you buy tickets for the first part of the group, but you are unable to purchase tickets for the remaining passengers because the flight has sold out, and seats are no longer available.

3/ In the event of a cancelled flight, passengers may be treated as individual (non-group) travellers, and the airline may not transport them together on alternative flights. Group reservations prevent these situations.

The topic of group reservations is extensive, and it is not possible to cover all aspects here. Therefore, if you are interested in arranging a group reservation, we will find the most effective solution for you and request a group price. Just contact us HERE.